Psychological Counselling & Coaching and Workshops for Expatriates

Making a new start in a new country is a big challenge. Switzerland is one of the hardest countries to integrate. It is normal, to experience the so called "culture shock" by feeling overwhelmed, insecure, sad, lonely and sometimes even depressed. I can help you so you feel confident, secure and start to see the bright side of what you experience.

I will help you understanding what happens to you when you leave your country and make a new start in an unknown place (the culture shock experience). Together we will work on building up strengths and resources by using Positive Psychology and further methods in order to feel free and happy, be able to enjoy the moment, and become healthy and balanced.


Tailor-Made Approach

I offer you tailor-made solutions for your personal needs. Tailored the moment we talk about your needs, challenges, fears and hopes that you will face or are already facing (challenges and fears are a perfectly normal part of being an expatriate).

I believe that even though people might experience similar situations being an expat, coming to a new country, every person comes with their unique challenges and successes. These challenges and successes can take a variety of forms including individual ways of being educated, family setting, the country of origin, the experiences you have already made on your life journey and the environment you and your family live in.

My role as a fully qualified Psychological Counsellor and Life Coach is to detect this individuality and to tailor solutions to individual needs in my counselling and coaching.

Who am I?

I was raised as a second-generation immigrant in Switzerland and so my environment has always been multicultural (at home and at work). I have travelled the world and worked with over 20 nationalities within Switzerland and abroad (USA, Czech Republic, cruise ship on the Indian Ocean and Asia). I live in Switzerland, am married to a Swiss, am the mother of two children and know the challenges you face as a parent (interestingly, the challenges I face as a parent are not that much different to those faced by an expatriate parent). My wide network of friends and colleagues in Switzerland includes Swiss people and many other nationalities – most of my friends live in a multicultural relationship/marriage. Through my experiences as a psychologist specialising in intercultural management and stress management, my goal is it to empower people to live a healthy and balanced life,  although this may not necessarily be in a setting they are comfortable with.