If you are a group of at least 4 participants you can request a workshop tailor-made to your interests, which means:

  • Use of prequestionnaires (tailor-made workshop for every target group) - you choose the content and size
  • Evaluation and feedback after every workshop
  • My work is based on scientific evidence

Topics for a workshop might be:

The normal expat-experience and how to recover and adjust
  • The culture-shock experience
  • Dealing with the culture-shock experience
  • Resilience - how to strenghten you and your family
Everyday life in Switzerland
  • Challenging stereotypes that people may have about the Swiss
  • Small talk - being polite but respecting privacy at the same time
  • All about neighbours and neighbourliness
  • What about that name game?
  • Swiss friends
  • Greeting people properly: Do you shake hands or kiss? Do you use first names or surnames?
  • Leisure time - join the "Verein", go to a party, apéro, dinner - what are the rituals?
  • Rules and social control
The world of work in Switzerland
  • Negotiating
  • Business etiquette
  • Small talk
  • When to use "Du" or "Sie"
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Project team work
Help in your everyday life - on request

Either as an information session (at least 10 participants) - or an on-site consulting (at your company for individual requests - bookable with a minimum of at least 3 hours)

  • The day-to-day rules and regulations of living in Switzerland
    • Waste collection, living in an apartment (use of shared facilities e.g. laundry room)
    • Understanding health insurance, locating doctors, dentists, hospitals, what to do in an emergency, insurance
    • Hiring help (cleaning person, childcare: information and setting up daycare, babysitters, nannies/au pairs)
  • Tips on getting around (public transport, driving, cycling)
  • How to deal with unplanned events in Switzerland (e.g. going to the doctor, getting your car fixed, home repairs)

Tailor-made workshops, information sessions and on-site consultation are available for individuals and companies on request. For further information please contact me via email (info@open-up-consulting.ch) or phone (+41 79 244 11 44).