Seasonal tailored recreational activities

Meet me at the playground

Sometimes, while the working spouse is in the office, life can seem a little bit lonely, even here in Switzerland. I can arrange monthly meetings at the playground for moms or/and dads with their children. So you can discover different places in the area of Berne, Solothurn, Biel and have fun with your kids!

And if the season starts to be cold and rainy and the playground isn't so much fun anymore, I have something else up my sleeve!

Activities around Swiss customs and festivals

You can bring your children or come by yourself and discover more about.

  • The "Räbeliechtli-Umzug" in November
  • Getting answers what's the Samichlous doing in Switzerland on December 6th and what does he has to do with Santa Claus?
  • Christmas and cookie-baking in Switzerland
  • Fasnacht in Switzerland
  • What the Swiss Easter Bunny brings in your kids' Easter basket

and much more!

Cooking club

Organized in mixed groups of Swiss and expats!

Discover the different cultures first-hand! You can sign up and be one of four parties that meet every 6-8 weeks and have dinner together at their home. This is the best way of discovering how the Swiss live, host guests and how they think. Share your way of living and your experiences as an expat!  It is a win-win situation for everybody and gives each of you the chance of  learning and broadening your horizons by opening your doors and sharing your thoughts with others in your group.

Organized grocery shopping tour

I will take you shopping!

So you can discover where to shop for furniture, electronics, lighting, DIY, clothes/shoes, food, books, sportswear, info on second-hand markets and shopping over the border.

The offers above-mentioned are only taking place on request by a minimum of 6 participants and are not fixed planned yet. If you are interested in any activity, please contact me via email ( or phone (+41 79 244 11 44).