«Expat Blues»

Psychological Coaching and Counseling for Expatriation, Integration and Acculturation.

An international assignment falls into the category of a major ‘life event’ psychologically: it is a life change that demands a strong ability to adapt and cope.

It is very stressful for the individual and the family – country, culture, home, schools, jobs, social life, etc, are all different.

Are you about to come to Switzerland or are already here and would appreciate some help in smoothing your landing here or making the best out of it?

Are you asking yourself what life in Switzerland will be like? What are Swiss people like?

Have you been through this process already, but are starting to feel tired and in need of somebody to support you?

You are going through a rough time right now

  • having to adjust to a country you expected to be different
  • finding it difficult to integrate in your new surroundings
  • finding it hard to adjust from being a working "wo-man", partner, mum, dad to not working for whatever reason
  • needing orientation regarding daily life issues (family, partner, children, household, housekeeping)
  • needing to talk it out - being able to say everything - not having to worry about how that may be perceived

You might find the help and support you need just now by contacting me

...so you can talk to somebody who understands your situation - being abroad - and having to start all over again. I know what it means and have experienced it myself. It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your journey through this period of your life and help you to find a way to adjust. I can help you understand what is happening right now and offer you ways and tools to empower yourself.

You will benefit from my large network and personal experiences in

  • understanding different cultures - especially the Swiss culture - being Swiss and living in Switzerland now
  • dealing with multi-cultural issues
  • having access to a large network in Switzerland - for recommendations regarding hobbies, sports, volunteer work, nannies, events, wellness

I have a strong work ethic - what we share is strictly private and confidential.