Getting to know Nicole

Nicole Rüttimann

Nicole Rüttimann-Mohyla was born in Switzerland and was raised by Czech parents – who immigrated to Switzerland in the Prague Spring of 1968 and returned to the Czech Republic in 1997. As her father once said, “If I had the chance you have, I’d travel the world and learn all different kinds of languages.” Nicole was inspired by this and travelled the world and soon felt at home in different countries, before she finally returned to Switzerland, where she lives in a small town with her husband and two children.

She loves interacting with people from all over the world who carry an open mind and heart and are curious to explore and are willing to learn and grow. She likes to think she thinks outside the box and her work is supported by the approaches of Positive Psychology.

Nicole studied Psychology and Intercultural Management. She learned that there are many ways of defining culture, who you are and where you come from – and where you finally feel at home.

For her, the most coherent definition about culture and who you are is the one by the writer Taiye Selasi, who speaks on behalf of "multi-local" people, who feel at home in the town where they grew up, the city they live now and maybe another place or two. "How can I come from a country?" she asks. "How can a human being come from a concept?" - Don't ask where I'm from, ask where I'm a local.

So Nicole is a human being, local in Berne, Nidau, Büren a.A. Switzerland, partly local in Prague, California and Guatemala.

She is thankful for all these experiences that have become a part of her and led her to her work as a qualified Psychological Counsellor and Life Coach.

Her own history about integration and acculturation and the intercultural atmosphere she has experienced in various projects and assignments abroad, has formed her natural talent of understanding different cultures and the conflicts that may arise when people with different cultural backgrounds clash.

She decided to combine her personal and working experience and added scientific knowledge to obtain her Master’s degree as a psychologist.

This combination of personal, working and educational experiences enables her to understand and help individuals, couples and families in their private and corporate surrounding and to guide them through their acculturation time in Switzerland.

Professional Career

Nicole worked for almost ten years in tourism (travel agent, tourist officer on a cruise ship) before joining the Federal Administration (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL), Media and Communication) and various other Swiss companies. After 16 years of this work she decided to study Applied Psychology.

In Switzerland Nicole has gained working experience in the role of psychologist in a variety of Swiss companies such as die Mobiliar, die Post, Institut für Arbeitsmedizin (ifa), Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (fhnw) and Emmi Switzerland.

She has international experience in many countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Central America, UAE, Thailand and Indonesia. Her mother tongues are German and Czech (and of course Swiss German). She also speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish and understands Portuguese.


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science FHNW in Applied Psychology
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, School of Applied Psychology
    Expertise in the areas of work psychology, organizational psychology and personnel psychology
    Minor: Intercultural Management
    Major: Health Promotion

Further Qualifications